Mine Forever - its mine forever

Mine Forever company.

This story began long before the creation of the Mine Forever brand.

One of the beautiful spring days I decided to buy myself a backpack. I went shopping for a long time, looked in online stores. There are a lot of suggestions and options, but I couldn't find anything.

Either the price did not suit, the quality of the leather, or the tailoring.

I came home and decided to draw: “What would I like”? What should my perfect backpack be? I asked myself.

I really wanted my backpack to fit all my necessary things and at the same time it was not very large. That would be presentable and at the same time simple without pretentiousness. That would be comfortable to wear.

 And I was also tormented by the question about the rational and rational use of goods. Didn't feel like buying multiple backpacks. I really wanted to embody versatility in my backpack. That would be a backpack for all occasions. At work, on a walk, on a business trip or vacation,

And so the process began.

 There were a lot of options and something started to turn out on paper, but there was still a long way to go until the moment when I was able to pick up my creation.

Search and testing of leather, accessories, lining fabric, sealant and many more different materials.

And finally the day came when I picked up my backpack.

I thought, "This is mine - mine forever," Mine Forever.