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Interesting facts about the backpack

It is impossible to imagine modern life without backpacks. They are indispensable for travel, for daily trips to the store, for trips to work. After all, it's so convenient: all the necessary items are always with you, and your hands are free. We often use backpacks without even suspecting that this accessory has an interesting and long history. We offer you to get acquainted with the most interesting facts about the backpack.

Fact 1.The word "backpack" has German roots and literally means "backpack".

Fact 2. Who is the mysterious inventor who gave the world the first backpack?In fact, there is no person who has the right to wear this proud title. It is not known for sure where and in what year the cherished first copy appeared. Similar backpacks appeared at different times and in different cultures. After all, it is so difficult to carry a bulky load in your hands, where it is easier to put the burden on your shoulders! So in different nationalities there were "brothers" of a backpack familiar to us with colorful authentic names: chige, a flyer, a ponyag, a pester, etc.

Fact 3. The oldest backpack known to science is over 5,000 years old. Alpine glaciers in Tyrol have preserved to this day an amazing find - the skeleton of a man who died around 3300 BC. Due to the low temperature, he and his belongings were preserved, including the prototype of a backpack. It was a sack of skins thrown on a wooden frame. Written mentions of shoulder bags are reflected in the chronicles of the Templars and Roman legionaries.

Fact 4. The backpack in its usual form was first sewn for military equipment in the XIX century. Then the soldier's backpack went through a long path of evolution and transformation from a simple tarpaulin "duffel bag" into a comfortable ergonomic model with many compartments.

Fact 5. The father of a sports backpack for climbers can be called a Soviet climber Vitaly Abalakov. It was he who established the standard for tourist models, which were at the peak of popularity in the second half of the twentieth century and became known to the people as "Abalakovsky".

Fact 6. The backpack has become an integral attribute of the student's school equipment recently. Since the 1950s, children have been putting notebooks in a briefcase.

Fact 7. Do you know who first introduced the fashion for a backpack in everyday life? In 1984, the backpack triumphantly broke into the world of fashion, when its nylon model with a shining logo appeared in the Miuccia Prada collection.

Fact 8.The world's largest backpack was sewn in 2015. It took 400 m of textiles and 7 and a half km of threads to create it. It is difficult to imagine for which the giant could be useful this accessory, because its height is 12.12 m, width - 9.28 m, and depth - 5.12 m. Due to its scale, the model entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Fact 9. The most expensive backpack belongs to the collection of the fashion house Louis Vuitton, its price is staggering - about $ 79,000.

Fact 10. If you plan to visit the museums of New York, go to the showrooms with a backpack you are unlikely to succeed. According to the rules of many museums around the world, the backpack should be left in the storage room. This is due to the fact that the backpack, which is located behind, can inadvertently touch the valuable fragile exhibits.


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