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Delivery around the Kyiv:

delivery around the Kyiv is carried by a messenger.

Delivery around Ukraine:

there are following ways to deliver your order over Ukraine: by Nova Poshta or by National Post. Shipment takes place after payment.

 It takes 2-7 work days to deliver your order  over Ukraine.

Worldwide delivery (regular):

worldwide delivery is carried out by Ukrpost service. Delivery total  is calculated based on the package weight according to the post

pricelist. It takes 10 to 27 work days to deliver your order around. the globe.

​​In case if product appears to be of wrong size or poor quality, as result of manufacturing defect, customer has the right to return it or exchange on similar product of fine quality, if one is stock available. Exchange demands are satisfied in 14 work days period since the delivery date. For more info check our FAQ section or contact us via email.



by cash

Cash payment is possible in case of the messenger delivery or in case of self-delivery at our office (Kyiv only).

 by credit card

You can pay via your Visa/MasterCard online right after making order.